Submit an Enterprise Information Services (EIS) Operational Request

If you are experiencing a system outage or severe IT service degradation, please contact the Division of Information Technology at 202-994-GWIT (4948), or IT.GWU.EDU.

The intake process for EIS Operational requests consists of reviewing the technical capability of the request to ensure we best leverage the assets available, prioritizing the request, and aligning and committing resources.  Examples of EIS Operational Requests are:

  • The management of software and their supporting technology platforms
    • Software release maintenance
    • Bug fixes, process/job errors, data correction, GWid Merge or addressing functionality that is not working as expected yet the overall business service is available
  • The development of a batch and real-time integration between systems or the secure transfer of data between systems
  • The request of an existing service such as a new Transactional Report.

Note: No Date commitments should be assumed for requests until the project planning phase is complete and resources are aligned/committed.

If you have any questions please contact your Customer Portfolio Lead or the Business Analysis & Advisory Services Team.

Best Regards,

Christine Greeves, Director, Project and Portfolio Management Office   W: +1. 202.412.4789